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Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Most Popular Posts on Peaches & Cream!

I can’t believe it’s this time of year already.   2013 flew right before my eyes.  While I worked a large part of it (I averaged 1600 hours total, 400 hours more than what I usually do!), I also had time to play & spend time with friends and family.

I think some of my favorite moments of 2014 were….

·         Celebrating my dad’s 70th birthday.  I made him his favorite dessert using my grandmother’s recipe.  It was a fun night.  It’s these moments that I will always cherish.
·         Our trip to Costa Rica in February.  We spent over 3 weeks there and I just loved it.  The weather was beautiful and the people were so friendly and kind.  Best of all, the food was SO good!!  I am still craving my favorite café there I really want to go back again in the near future. 
·         Joining a softball team.  This may seem pretty minor but I haven’t been involved in a team sport since grade school.   I wasn’t very good but hey, it’s beer league!
·         Spending the week in Vancouver in July while Gavin took a course for work.  I meandered down Vancouver while he attended.  But my favorite part was when we  went to a baseball game at the Nat Bailey Stadium and watched the Canadiens play against the Boise Hawkes.  At the end of the game, I struck up the nerve to talk to Wayne Gretzky’s son, Trevor!
·         The HOT HOT weather in August.  It actually felt like a true summer!! It was also my hometowns centennial anniversary to there was plenty of activities going on  throughout the week.  We went hiking to Crater lake, tubing down the river,  canoeing, kayaking and one of my besties visited.  So much fun!
·        This is going to sound cheesy… but  I loved watching how my photography improved over the past year.  And Gavin bought me a new camera-thank you babe! :)

Anyway, here are YOUR 2013 top 10 posts chosen by your visits! Thank you all for your love & support! 

And favorite! 

Stay tuned for my favorite picks  & resolutions coming up soon!

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