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  1. Hi Helena!

    WOW you finally have your own blog!!congratulationsss!:) can't wait to hear more from you! amazing webpage! how did you do it?!:) see you around!


    1. Hi Casey!
      Thanks for stopping by, yes we finally do have our own blog and we are very pleased about it! I had Erin from help set us up with our blog. She's great-loved working with her and loved the results. Loving your blog too! :)

    2. Thank you so much!:) You've made a fan here!:) keep it up! and if ever you need any help on my part just let me know!:)

  2. Hi, love your recipes. Do you accept guest blog posts? -

  3. Hi there,

    We have launched a new website, a community for food bloggers and food lovers. This website is based on Pinterest concept but specific to food. You can pin, organize and share your wonderful recipes here. Appreciate if you can join our community and start pinning recipes.

    Happy pinning!

    Recipes Gawker team



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