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Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012

My Sisters Wedding: part one
(the island)

Earlier this month we traveled to Vancouver Island for my sister Charlee’s wedding.  The drive took approximately 17 hours to complete so we split it up over the course of 2 days.  My week off wasn’t exactly as relaxing as we had originally thought, but we had a blast nonetheless.  We spent our first night in PG with Marlina.  We pigged out on birthday cake and stayed up late watching TV and catching up.  So much fun!  After dozing off and waking up at 5 am, we drove and took the ferry to Nanaimo and spent the night at Charlee’s house and met her fiancé’s family.  I am happy to say they are a fantastic bunch of people and very welcoming to others-I felt at ease with themJ.
On the ferry
On the third day we had spent half the day in Nanaimo and picked Marlina up at the sea plane terminal.  We went shopping for a couple hours then headed to Ucluelet.  Charlee & Eugene had booked a beautiful bed and breakfast called Nora’s House.  It fit all of the family comfortably, with plenty of room to spare.  I loved that this house had a hot tub and most importantly, a decent sized kitchen (with pots and pans!).  I could definitely see that Marlina and I would do some cooking and baking here…we were so excited at the possibilities!
Nora's House
On day four, Gavin and I explored a part of the West Coast Trail in search of treasure.  I definitely had to be careful-I am not graceful whatsoever and climbing the rocks proved to be very difficult and required lots of concentration.  The view was breathtaking-I have never spent much time on Island and was just completely and utterly blown away with the scenery.  We spent some more time exploring and then decided to head back.  We walked around the town (which is fairly small-about 1700 people) and headed to the aquarium.  It was incredible-they featured creatures caught locally.  They even had an octopus named Barbara!  Of course, they release all of these creatures at the end of the season.  I thought it was better than the Vancouver Aquarium-more interactive and more staff to explain everything.  After that, Gavin and I enjoyed a nice lunch-one of the only times we actually ate out, come to think of it!  I opted for a plain hamburger, as I rarely eat them, and Gavin ordered a delicious lin cod fish and chips.  Afterwards, Charlee took us out for manicures-bonding time with the ladies and when we returned we made a spaghetti dinner that fed just over 20 people-what a feat!
Love the Island!

Gavin teaching me about sea anemones.

Love this guy!

Barbara, the octopus.

The next day we went to Tofino and explored the town.  As I said before, the island is a beautiful place.  We went out for lunch (but wasn’t too impressed with the food!) and went fishing off the dock for a couple of hours.  We caught our fair share of Perch and went home with our catch of the day.  Gavin filleted the fish-which was more difficult that we had originally thought!  He dipped the fish in a curry batter and pan fried them.  They were perfectly done and so delicious!  Marlina and I also made chicken tacquitos-one of my favorite Mexican dishes.  It was quite the eclectic meal but delicious nonetheless.  We then visited with some more family and friends…a perfect way to end the evening.

And that's it for now....stay tuned for Part Two!

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  1. Awesome post! Loved all the pictures! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!



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